23 August 2010

18 Days

In just 18 short days I will be leaving. I still have a lot to do. It's a really big struggle to not feel overwhelmed. It seems like I have a lot of time, but I know that the time will just fly by. All of a sudden it will be my last week and I will have done nothing. I'll be running around town like a mad woman trying to get everything together, and my former self will be laughing at my frantic self.

All of a sudden I have to start packing! It's crazy, but that time is here. I bought some of those space saver bags that you can vacuum all of the air out of. Hopefully this will help me when I move. I'm a little worried that I won't be able to fit everything! Today I am going to try and organize a lot of my school things and my room. It was a little weird to think about it, especially about having to pretty much box up my room. How strange is that? It was a moment where I all of a sudden realized that I would be moving far far away. There is no more need for my room to look lived in. Instead, it's time for the phase where my room becomes a bit more like a guest room, just waiting for a visitor.

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