20 September 2010


-No matter how long I live here, it will always be my first instinct to look left-right-left when crossing the street. This could prove to be troublesome.

-Pound coins are good in theory, until you get a handful of them back and you realize that they weigh a ton.

-Flats on cobblestone streets = blisters on mah feet

-The concept of liability is not as big here. For example, I am amazed at the playground that I walk past to get to campus. I saw one kid doing a zip-line, another hanging from his fingertips ten feet above the ground...In America, an old school playground would have been shut down for safety concerns and fear of being sued by an angry parent. Not here!

-9 times out of 10, a dog is leashless and wandering on its own, always within shouting distance of the owner. Freaked me out at first, until I realized that the dog will never bother anyone. Amazing.

-I may not really like American Idol in the states, but I love X Factor. Go figure.

-A Starbucks can feel like a little slice of home.

-Gone are the days of disgusting and fairly dangerous public transportation. Now are the days of clean buses with the friendliest locals that you may ever meet.

-Day drinking is not only totally acceptable, but it's expected.

-Unlike in the US, being a cab driver is an entirely respectable profession. One has to pass intricate tests in order to get certified.

-No matter how much of a handle I think I have on the Scottish accent, I will always meet someone that sounds like they are speaking an entirely different language. I have found that a smile and noncommittal "yeah..." can get me through any conversation.

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