05 February 2011

Sarcasm (noun): sneering or cutting remark

Let's begin this with one simple fact: I think I'm hilarious. (Also, in my mind, that was said in the voice of Ron Burgundy)

If you know me at all, you know that I'm a fairly sarcastic person. My sarcasm, however, was not received very well tonight.

Kari arrived on Thursday, so we've spent the last couple of days galavanting about town. Tonight we decided to head to Viva Mexico! Two years ago, we could not find a Mexican restaurant for the life of us. Now, there are two. Go figure.

As we were walking down Cockburn Street (hahaha....Cockburn...) we passed a store that had lingerie displayed in the window. The main mannequin was wearing a baby pink bustier and matching silk panties with a feather boa. Jokingly, Kari paused and pointed, saying something along the lines of, "Wow, Kat, you should really get one of those." My response? "Don't worry -- I already have it in purple."

Just as Kari and I start to crack up, a man passing by yells, "I can't believe this...PERVERTS!"

Woah, calm down there buddy. I was just kidding....I really have it in blue. It goes better with my eyes.


  1. first of all...cockburn? you are four. second, i just want the 5 followers to know that while writing this post, kat was literally laughing out loud in response to her own witty-ness.

  2. Can I borrow it? Valentine's Day is coming up, after all.