02 April 2011

The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese is a big experience. It is the club on campus. Yes, you read that right. My school has its own club, right in the student union. Right next to the coffee cart and across from the health center is our very own club. Just think, you can go right from class to da club. How convenient!

Rule number one of The Big Cheese is that you should not wear anything that is dry clean only. You will get spilled on, so be prepared to leave smelling like beer. It's all part of the charm. (Is that the right word?)

Rule number two is wear comfortable shoes. There is a lot of dancing, and cheesy dancing at that. The music played is pretty nostalgic and it is guaranteed to bring back flashes of your childhood. Think Reach for the Stars, C'est la vie, Slam Dunk da Funk, Hey Mickey, ....Add to that the 80's favorites like Livin' on a Prayer and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and you're getting there. The last musical ingredient is the current cheese, like Bieber and Friday by the now infamous Rebecca Black, and you've got The Right Stuff - just like my homies from the block. And I'm not talking about Jenny. Although she also is probably gonna play.

I know what you're going to ask, and yes, there are laser lights. Don't worry -- they also have a smoke machine.
Oh, I should have mentioned this earlier. If you're female, you're going to get groped. Prepare to have your ass smacked no less than 6 times by the night's end. And please do not be shocked by the couples mackin' nearby. Hormones run high at The Big Cheese.

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