20 April 2011

Cherry Blossoms

Two years ago while visiting Kari, Cat, and Blythe in Washington D.C. I was able to (barely) catch the cherry blossom trees. The beautiful flowering trees are just one of the many things that the city is known for, so I was thrilled and became a wee bit obsessed. 
Cherry blossoms....beautiful!
Cherry blossoms and the Capitol Building. Win!
Which brings me to now....I am having a major love affair with Edinburgh at the moment. There are cherry blossoms all over the city, which has made an already beautiful city all the more charming. I've spent the last couple of days walking around with my camera out, feeling like it's my first week all over again. I wasn't expecting them, so the flowering trees have been a lovely surprise.
I love the color pink, so this suits me just fine.
Throw in the castle, and I'm a happy woman.
Princes Street Gardens are all the more gorgeous.
Princes Street....makes me love shopping even more, which is probably a bad thing.
The Meadows - makes for a great walk home.
Mom Picture, of course.

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