05 May 2011

Bury St. Edmunds

The entrance to the Abbey

Bury St. Edmunds is the small town in which Elizabeth resides. When visiting her for a full week, I got to explore it quite a bit. It is a market town, so make sure and try and catch the market on either Wednesday or Saturday. There you can find plenty of fresh produce or little things for around the house. There is plenty of shopping in Bury otherwise and everything is pretty much centered around Buttermarket. Once you head into that area you are bound to find plenty of stores or little coffee shops. For myself, I settled on Thorntons Cafe. There was no way they could go wrong combining their famous chocolate with coffee! I'm a really big fan of sitting outside with a cup of coffee and a book, so I was pretty much in heaven here.

Abbey Gardens
Besides the market the other main event is the Abbey Gardens. There was once a magnificent and massive abbey in Bury, but it is pretty much all gone now. In the grounds that is once occupied there is a beautiful park. There are still some remains of the abbey, so you can grab a picnic and eat lunch alongside the crumbling walls. Otherwise, it makes for a really nice walk among the vibrant flowers.

Pretty much what remains of the abbey today.
Little fountain area in the Abbey Gardens.
The Abbey Gardens have plenty of beautiful flowers to get you in the mood for spring.
There are plenty of fun little nooks like this in the grounds.
I really love the people chilling out by the ruins.
The view from my bench as I read. Not too shabby.

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