02 May 2011

Road Trip Day 3: Dover

Now that I'm done blogging about the magnificence of the Royal Wedding, I can finish up on the road trip. To wrap up our England adventure, we finished up with a day in Dover. I have always wanted to see the famed white cliffs of Dover, so this was the culmination of the trip for me. 

We started off our visit with some time at Dover Castle. Now, I didn't even have Dover Castle on my radar. I never really knew about its importance, but strategically it was always an important place. Because of its proximity to France, it was known as the "Key to England." It is also massive, so you could spend a good few hours enjoying the grounds.
View of Dover Castle from the parking lot.
There was a medieval festival going on, so we were able to enjoy the entertainment. It may have been mostly aimed towards children, but we still enjoyed it. There was a lovely jester giving "fool" lessons to the gathered crowds. We especially enjoyed the puppet tent, where we each made our own puppets that we then proceeded to carry around for the next couple of hours before giving them away to a lovely little family with three kids.
Our crew with our puppets on the top of Dover Castle. Sweet dragon, yo.
View of the white cliffs from Dover Castle.
Afterwards we made our way down to the beach were we relaxed for a bit in the sun. We were still so lucky to have such beautiful weather, so we made sure to enjoy it while we called home and wished our families a Happy Easter. After about an hour we made our way to the docks in search of a boat tour. We wanted to explore the water a bit in hopes of getting some good views of the white cliffs. We weren't able to leave the harbor, but we still managed to get some beautiful views - particularly of Dover Castle. The coolest part was that we could just make out the coast of France across the water. If I ever make it back to Dover, I'm definitely taking a ferry to France and back for a fun little day trip.
Can you see France? It's there beyond the lighthouse.
Posing with the captain of our boat.
Lovely view of Dover Castle with the white cliffs it sits upon.
To finish up our day we decided to check out the white cliffs firsthand. There is a designated park where you can walk along the cliffs' edge. I really liked this part, despite how freaky it was. There were no guard rails, so I was literally walking on the edge. One wrong step and I was a goner. Plus, it was really windy, so that was an unfortunate addition to the equation. Either way, the views were amazing. It was pretty cool that we were walking on the famed cliffs, even though I left with my feet covered in a cloud of chalk dust.
Enjoying the views from the edge. Majestic.
Even though I knew it before, I was still amazed by the whiteness of the cliffs.
Mom Picture - always a necessity.

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