18 May 2011

Silly Pictures on top/in front of Serious Things

Silly Pictures on top/in front of Serious Things: A phrase used to denote the fine and not-so-subtle art of taking ridiculous and hilarious pictures on top of or in front of serious things. These things may include, but are not limited to, palaces, castles, famous landmarks, statues, fountains, churches, etc. These pictures often elicit a sense of euphoria or extreme giggling. Be sure to have many silly and expressive faces at the ready.

Warning: once the pictures begin, it is often hard to stop. Be prepared to take many in a row and laugh loudly obnoxiously at the results.
Eiffel Tower, Paris
Duomo, Florence
Doctors Pub, Edinburgh - only famous to us, but still...
Manneken Pis, Brussels
Linlithgow Palace, Scotland
State Street, Chicago
Monticello, Virginia
Capitol Building, Washington D.C.
The Bean, Chicago

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