18 June 2011

Grayslake Reunion Part III: London, Days 2-3

It's been a good few days since my last post, but I promise I'll finish up my tales of London with the girls in one last go! Stick with me here...

On our way 'out' for the day!
On Sunday we woke up a bit late, but it ended up being fine since it was absolutely pouring outside. We decided that this day would be our indoor activities day, so we headed to a covered street market in search of some breakfast and shopping. The market was absolutely massive with plenty of stalls to occupy our time.
Megan and me in the market
I love Harrods!
After dropping our goodies off at the hotel we hopped right on the tube and made our way to Harrods. This massive department store is like a strange and perverse amusement park. You can find anything your heart may desire there - including caviar that runs at £5,000 a pop. Instead of the usual men's and women's departments, there is also a pet store, chocolate room and bar, espresso counter, food hall with some of the weirdest imported foods imaginable, incredibly massive toy section....and there are many more that are eluding me at the moment. We had quite a bit of fun running around for a good few hours.
Riding the Egyptian Escalator.
This proved to be our biggest tourist attraction for the day as it was raining even harder when we left! After a delicious Italian dinner, we headed back to our hotel for a rousing night of euchre. Our friends group has always enjoyed a good, competitive game, so we were perfectly happy to sit in our hotel for the evening.
Why, yes....We did push our beds together. We're that cute.
Mind the Gap? Mind the RAIN!
After checking out and depositing our luggage for safe keeping the next morning, we were determined to hit up the spots that we had missed the day before. Although it was still raining, we were determined to brave the elements and squeeze in some more touristing before we had to leave for Elizabeth's. We decided that our morning would start at Westminster Abbey in hopes of squeezing in some breakfast and pictures before the changing of the guards ceremony. 
A rainy version of the Mom Picture.
Even in the rain, Big Ben looks good.
And then we found Abe Lincoln....and those jerks shunned me for leaving IL!
We proved to be disappointed, however. It was another rainy morning, which meant the changing of the guards ceremony was decidedly cancelled. We still managed to enjoy the absolute decadence that is Buckingham Palace. We spent the time marveling at the golden gates and climbing on the Victoria Monument before heading to Piccadilly Circus. Piccadilly is London's answer to Time's Square, and, let me tell you, it is way disappointing. It is basically just one tiny corner of Time's Square, so it's a little underwhelming in comparison. There were some massive tourist shops in the surrounding area, however, so we were perfectly entertained.
Megs, JJ, and me in Piccadilly!
Red Phone Booth +
Big Ben = Super Tourist
Trafalgar Square
Our last stop on our tour of London was Trafalgar Square. Although we did not climb all over the lions, we did manage to finally enjoy some nice weather. The rain clouds had finally cleared, so our last stop in London managed to include some blue sky. Who woulda thunk?

The gang in Trafalgar Square
For the rest of our stay we were at Elizabeth's house in Bury St. Edmunds. We did a lot of hanging out, wine drinking, dessert eating,  and euchre playing. It was just nice to have a bit of normalcy with the girls. It was kinda like old times, so it was perfect that we ended the trip that way. 

On that note, I will leave you with Megan & Elizabeth, our trusty tour guides:

And did I mention that Miss America came with us to London?

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