13 July 2010

Progress, Take 2

I feel like I made a lot of progress today. I finally applied for my loan. Talk about scary! It was weird to think that I'll have student loans until I'm in my 30's, but I can't help but feel like I'm coming out way ahead. The number was definitely scary to behold, but it seems like a good deal to me. I get to live abroad for a year, and I'm coming home with a master's degree from a damn good school.

I ended up rescheduling my Visa interview for next Monday. I figured I should wait until I have made progress on my financing before I send in the final Visa application. That, and I couldn't sign into Euclid today, so I couldn't print out my acceptance. Along that vein, I also haven't been able to upload my degree and final transcript yet. It's painfully ironic that the second I was able to finally scan my documents was the moment that Euclid went offline for a week. Damn you software upgrade!

I'm trying to figure out all that I have to get before I go. I went to Kenosha with my dad last night and I was able to buy a new fleece jacket from Columbia. The one that I had bought for the last time I went to Scotland was looking really shabby, so it's nice to get a brand new one that doesn't look so crappy. I'm also thinking that I need to buy a new suitcase. I'm sure that I can take one of the small carry-ons from the house, but our big black suitcases are kind of falling apart. Plus, it will be nice to have something new and sturdy so that I can do some good traveling.

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