07 July 2010


In the last few days I have made quite a few strides! Yesterday I applied for my Visa. I have an appointment next Tuesday to formalize my application so that I can send it in. That was probably the weirdest feeling. It's the most unstable of all of the things I have to do. Once that gets finalized, I think I'll feel much better.

Today I finished and sent in my housing application, which was very exciting. I liked looking at all of the places that I could choose. The one that I really want is called Richmond Place, which is basically right behind Nicolson Street. It's like 5 minutes from campus and a much newer building, from the look of it. After that I chose Mylne's Court, which is a much older building located by the Old College. Finally, I chose Roxburgh Place. All of them are the same set-up as last time. Apartment style, all single rooms with a kitchen and sitting area.

Tomorrow I am going to work on my loan applications. That will be a little bit scary. However, I'm looking forward to finally getting my transcript. I'm supposed to be getting that tomorrow, so once I send that in I will feel a lot more relief, I think. Tomorrow I'm going to get 2 very big things checked off my list.

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