17 September 2010

This entire week I feel like I have been running around like mad trying to get everything in order. It's so strange having to start all over again. I need everything, from bedding to silverware to somewhere to store my laundry -- which is still in the corner of my room. I did cover it with a dirty towel though, so progress? Yes.

Here, at 22, I suddenly feel like a freshman again. There are countless times in a person's life when they have to go through the whole friend-making-process. When you go to preschool, kindergarten, begin elementary school, middle school, high school, college, any job you get, any summer camp you attend, any new building you move into, any group or club you join...each time it works out. You end the whole thing with new, deeply significant friendships. And yet, each time you seem to forget how you actually got there.

Going through it yet again, I had forgotten the panic, the frustration, the doubts...I actually had a moment when I thought, "Why do I have to make friends? I already have them! AND THEY'RE AWESOME!! oh, yeah....but they're in a different country. Shoot." Plus, I suppose I don't want all of my socializing to be limited to facebook and skype...I don't want to be that girl that scares off the school children. But as the week went on, my doubts turned to giddiness, and my frustration turned to excitement. Already, my initial rollercoaster of emotions is beginning to fade. Or, at least my rational side took over and told me to shuuuut uuuuppp already. Besides, I was making friends all along and didn't even realize it.

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