06 December 2010

Burning Daylight

Today's Sunrise: 8:27 AM
Today's Sunset: 3:41 PM

Length of day? 7 hours, 14 minutes

To put this in perspective, I have about 17 hours of darkness each day. Let's compare this to Chicago, which is what I'm used to:

Today's Sunrise: 7:04 AM
Today's Sunset: 4:20 PM

Length of day? 9 hours, 16 minutes

Why the much shorter day? Edinburgh is only 1,100 miles from the Arctic Circle. Compare that to Chicago, which is 3,325 miles from the North Pole.

A good friend of mine told me to start taking Vitamin D since I was missing out on so much sunshine. I scoffed, originally, but then I began to notice how much the lack of daylight was screwing up my daily routine. First of all, it's hard to wake up in the morning when it's still completely dark outside. My alarm will go off at 8:00, and although I want to get out of bed, I just can't bring myself to do it! Add to that the fact that since the sun sets so early, my inner clock gets all scrambled and I end up having no idea how much time has passed. First, I'll be surprised that it's only 7:00 at night, and then I'm shocked that it's already 1:00 in the morning. Needless to say, my sleeping schedule is getting shifted later and later. Edinburgh may truly turn me into a nocturnal creature.

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