22 December 2010

I had my Chicago deep dish pizza and a huge hamburger, so now I'm happy. I obviously have my priorities straight.

Days still left at home: 6

I seem to have the worst travel luck in the world. After getting stuck in Barcelona and traveling 28 hours to get home, I was hoping for a smooth trip to Chicago. Boy, was I naive to hope. My initial flight to Paris was delayed 3 hours, causing me to miss my connection. After standing in a line for 3 hours, I got rebooked to Detroit an then Chicago from there. My long flight from Paris to Detroit was fine, minus the woman next to me dry heaving into an air sickness bag. Oh, and she also refused to go to the bathroom. Meaning, I had to endure 9 hours of diving into the aisle every time she gagged. I got into Detroit OK, but then my flight to Chicago was delayed an hour.

I ended up back in O'Hare 8 hours past my initial landing time. So, compared to the Spain fiasco, it wasn't too bad. Now here's hoping that I don't get delayed going back home. Fingers crossed?

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