06 August 2011

International Coffee Mugs

When I started my travels this year, I impulsively decided that I would start collecting coffee mugs from every place I visited. So far, I have loved it! (Except I don't have any from places I travelled prior to this year...something I will have to remedy.) I like having something to look for in each city, and I especially like the challenge of finding one I actually like. Plus, I look forward to displaying them proudly in my future home. I have a vision of a plate rack type deal with my coffee mugs lined up. 

So, without further adieu, I present to you the mugs I have collected in the past year. Now, to find a way to get them all home...
Edinburgh, of course! One of the few
Starbucks mugs that I genuinely like.
Edinburgh, again. The city I love
deserves more than one.
Elephants & Bagels -- the sister cafe to the Elephant House. Also, my favorite place to visit after the gym.
Dublin, Ireland - My goodness, my Guinness!
Barcelona, Spain - It had to do with Gaudi
Brussels, Belgium - gotta love the tiny Manneken-Pis
Munich, Germany - I love that it's designed like a  traditional German beer stein.
To commemorate my England road trip.
Bath, England....I had to!
Royal Wedding....yeah, I did....and I'm not sorry!
London, England - from my weekend with the girls.
My trip to Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland
Prague, Czech Republic - I'm particularly proud of this one...it's handmade!
Amsterdam, Netherlands - it was hard to find one without drugs or prostitutes on it.

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