09 August 2011

The Succinct Art of the Tourist Picture

Tourist Picture: A phrase to denote the fine and not-so-subtle art of taking a picture with/in front of famous landmarks. This may include, but is certainly not limited to, gags, funny reenactments, and cliche poses. These pictures have been "done" before, so please do not feel the need to be original. 

Warning: One must be willing to embarrass oneself if one is to get the picture right.
Starting out strong with a standard picture with the red phone booth.
Note - failed optical illusions are guaranteed to be hilarious.
Enjoying the Louvre the only way we know how.
Versailles - putting the gold fountain to shame.
Pisa - this has done been did, but I don't care!
Oh yeah...it happened.
Classing up the Royal Palace in Munich.
Walking Man in Munich.
Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam
Back to Scotland - Claire and Kaitlin are chilling with Braveheart. NBD.
Guard Booth Picture
It's a requirement, frankly.
Janice does her visit to Bobby up right.
Kaitlin makes this statue in Holyrood look GOOD.
Meg is a pro at Mons Meg photo opportunities.
Mons Meg in Edinburgh Castle - Sinead and Buffum do it up right.
Ending the way I began - red phone booth, but this time in London.

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