07 October 2010

28 Days

Today marks my one month anniversary. 28 days ago, I was dragging my 110 kg of luggage through O'Hare. Having just said a tearful goodbye to my parents, I was guaranteed nervous glances from my fellow travelers. The woman behind the check-in counter shot me furtive glances as I attempted to stealthily wipe my blotchy face clean. Nervous that I would start crying again, she hustled me through the process. No need to worry, lady -- I hate my crying just as much as you do.

Now, I'm sitting in my room and thinking about the month that has passed since I left. Classes are now well under way, and I have returned to life as a student. It's strange, but I'm not finding grad school too much harder than undergrad. The focus here is so much more on independent learning. When not in class, a student is expected to be reading and researching on their own. Class time is extremely minimal. With class only 2 days a week, I am learning how to pace myself and find my own direction in the program.

View of Calton Hill from Waverly Bridge.

View of Old Town

View of Walter Scott Monument.

Moving to a new city is an entirely new experience for me. Yes, I've been away before, but not like this. My undergrad was only an hour away from home, so that never really felt like I was far away. When I came here before, it was only for a few months. Now, though, I am here indefinitely. At the moment, I am still unsure if I will be staying overseas when I am done with my masters. Heck, I still don't even know if I'll be home for Christmas. It could be a full year before I even set foot in the good ole USA.

This past month, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting reacquainted with the city. Two years ago I fell in love with this city. The moment I left, all I wanted to do was come back. Now, I'm here and I got my wish. I knew that it would be different, but that's what I love about it this time around.

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