10 October 2010


-The keyboards here are just different enough to really screw with my mind when I'm typing quickly. For example, the quotes are switched with the at sign, and obviously there’s no dollar sign. When I get done typing a letter, it looks like I dictated it to a 5-year old.

-Banks are frustratingly nonchalant. It took me 3 weeks to fully set up my bank account, complete with them misplacing my application for a solid week. The one pro? They sent me flowers as an apology when I complained about the lost application. I’m not sure an American bank would do that if they messed up.

-It’s only October 13th, but already the stores are packed with Christmas decorations and candies and pubs are already advertising for their Christmas parties. This is not to mention the year-round Christmas stores – hell yeah, Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe! Hallmark could really learn something about marketing from Scotland.

-I’m amazed with how cheap cell phones are. For only £15 a month, I have 600 minutes and unlimited texting.

-UK loves them some techno and mayonnaise.

-Cars will hit you, so stay out of the freakin' road, moron!

-Watching a group of Scottish men attempt to play football in the park may be the most hilarious thing you will ever see. I stopped and watched a group of men argue for about 5 minutes over what the difference is between a 2nd down and a 3rd down. Just wait until the safety comes up.

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